Our Mission is to connect people with nature, the present moment and each other to share meaningful experiences together - OFFLINE.

We're a Community who's passionate about living fully in the present moment because that's when we feel the most ALIVE! Whether blazing a downhill trail or summiting a 14er, we live for those experiences that activate the soul and connect us with nature.

Our Core Values

Connection to nature is essential to our well-being.

Going offline and connecting to nature allows us to ground ourselves and break free from the distractions of the modern world.

For our community, we draw inspiration from our tribal brothers and sisters who’ve held on to their ancestral wisdom for living in harmony with the Earth.

Experiences are more meaningful when shared with others.

We’re only given a finite time on this Earth. Our time should be spent doing the things we enjoy with friends and others who share our passions.

We believe in leveraging technology for its ability to connect us and then leaving it behind. Connect Online to Go Offline.

Be present and live your passion.

Our passions are at the core of our being and bring us into the present moment. The more we become conscious of living in this present moment, the greater awareness and appreciation we have for life itself. Connecting to nature and living our passions allow us to live a more authentic and purpose-driven life.

It could be while on a hike or digging your hands in the earth farming your garden. Maybe it's tapping into a higher consciousness through meditation or yoga. Whatever draws you into the present moment - cultivate it and let it lead your life.

Respect for each other and the environment.

Our Tribe welcomes people from all different walks of life to connect around their passions. We ask that everyone be respectful in their interactions with other members, both online and offline.

As so many of our passions rely on the great outdoors, please respect the environment at all times and apply a “leave no trace” philosophy when playing outside. As stewards of the environment, we can lead by example and effect global change through our individual actions.

outdoors passion

Mike LeBeau


Whether hiking, skiing or climbing rocks – Mike seeks to spend his free time outdoors enjoying the present moment. He initially conceived the idea for building this community while trekking overseas and found it difficult to connect with other outdoor adventurers. The concept manifested until ultimately he walked away from a career to follow his passion of connecting people around theirs.

outdoors passion

Derek Vigil

UI/UX Design

Derek loves to travel and finds peace in the mountains with his daughter, Finn. He’s been deepening his meditation practice over the past few years and also enjoys hiking and trail running. He’s passionate about enhancing our experience with the world through design.

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Brad Meyer


Brad’s been working in the action sports industry for the past 10+ years and loves all things outdoors. He’s an artist by nature and an industrial designer by trade. His primary roles in the past have included marketing and strategic partnerships with outdoor brands. He enjoys travel and adventure with his beautiful wife Steph and their baby daughter, Astreya.

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Kayley Scaffidi

Community Manager

As Community Manager, Kayley’s responsible for ensuring that everyone’s experience with the platform is as smooth as possible. You may hear from her via email, social media or read about one of her many adventures on our blog but feel free to reach out as she’s here to help. When not juggling her primary career as a nurse and helping with Tribe, Kayley loves to explore the world through travel and enjoys her solitude in the outdoors.