1. Be real.
  2. Be respectful.
  3. Be a positive force.
  4. Be present.

The Deets

We've created the Community Guidelines below so that you understand the best practices as a member of the Tribe. By accessing Tribe Outdoors you are also subject to our Terms of Use.

The Do's:

  1. Create authentic events, post your own photos and represent yourself truthfully.
    • Tribe is a fast and easy platform for connecting with friends and the community around you. As with any solid community, Our Tribe revolves around trust. Only create events in which you have every intention of attending. If you're unable to attend an event you've created, then either delete the event or let the participants know in advance. The same courtesy applies for events you plan to join as a participant. Either remove yourself from the event or notify the event creator if you're unable to attend.

      Be yourself. Do not impersonate or pretend to be anyone else and only share photos that you own. Since people own the rights to all photos they have uploaded using our service, we ask that you respect their copyright ownership.

  2. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated and respect the environment.
    • Tribe brings people together from all different walks of life to connect around their passions. While that's a beautiful thing, it also means that not everyone will agree with what you think or believe. Despite this, we ask that everyone be respectful in their interactions with other members, both online and offline.

      As so many of our passions rely on the great outdoors, please respect the environment at all times. We ask that you adventure responsibly and apply a "leave no trace" philosophy when playing outside.

  3. Let your actions inspire the good in the world.
    • Tribe breaks down the barriers for connecting with people nearby who share similar interests as you. It allows you to be creative and inspire real, human connection. You could positively impact your community in ways that were never before possible.

      With that, we ask that you are sincere with your exchanges on Tribe and do not use the platform for self-promotion or commercial solicitation of any kind. While we respect your creative integrity around events and photos that you share, we have to keep our product and the content within it in line with our App Store's rating for nudity and mature content. So please do not post nudity or mature content of any kind.

  4. Be present and live your life to the fullest.
    • As humans, we're only given a finite time on this Earth. Our time should be spent doing the things we enjoy with friends and others who share our passions. We hope that Our Tribe helps you to create more of these experiences and make new connections all over the world.

The Don’ts:

Please be aware that overstepping the boundaries outlined below may result in a disabled account, or discontinued access to Tribe Outdoors, without warning.

  1. Don't create fake events or post photos that aren't yours.
    • This goes without saying, but there, we said it. This includes other people's posts, and/or things that you have copied or collected from the Internet. Accounts that solely consist of this type of content may be disabled at any time.

  2. Don't create events or share photos that show nudity or mature content.
    • Keep it covered if you want to keep your account.

  3. Don't create events of illegal content.
    • If you are reported for sharing prohibited or illegal content, including photographs of extreme violence or gore, your account may be disabled and we will take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities. Additionally, it is neither possible nor permitted to complete transactions involving regulated goods on our platform. If your events are promoting the sale of regulated goods or services, including firearms, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, or adult products, we expect you to make sure you're following the law and to encourage others to do the same.

  4. Don't spam.
    • Tribe is a platform for people to have meaningful and genuine interactions and make real connections. If your actions pollute our community and/or the experience of our members your account will be discontinued. This guideline includes repetitive comments, as well as service manipulation in order to self-promote, and extends to commercial spam comments, such as discount codes or URLs to websites. We ask that you be authentic in all your interactions on Tribe Outdoors.

  5. Don't be a d!#k.
    • Our Tribe is an inclusive one where everyone should feel safe and comfortable connecting to share new experiences together. It is not an appropriate place to abuse, attack, harass, or impersonate others. If we receive valid complaints about your conduct, both online or offline, we'll send a warning and/or disable your account.

Also worth noting…

Just like in real life, Our Tribe is a diverse community. As with any diverse community, it is likely you will encounter someone and/or an event that offends you at some point while using the service. If you are offended by someone and/or an event that may not violate any of the above guidelines, we'd suggest you avoid that person by not attending any of their events. If you are unsure what to do, you can also bring it to the Tribe's attention by sending us an email.

In the event you find that one of your photos has been uploaded by someone else, please don't panic. It is likely a mistake with no ill-will. Start by commenting on the event & politely ask that they take the content down. If that doesn't work, please notify us so that we may look into it further.

If you think that there is immediate cause for concern, you can send a report to the Tribal Counsel. Please provide all necessary information for us to quickly respond to an issue that urgently needs our attention, this includes image or event descriptions & dates and valid usernames.

If you feel it will be difficult for you to follow these guidelines then we'd suggest finding an alternative event discovery service, as Tribe Outdoors may not be a good fit for you. We value these guidelines, and believe that they will help keep Our Tribe safe & fun for everyone.

If you need further information, please review our Terms of Use.

The Tribe