Three Reasons Why We Need To Go Offline in the Outdoors

What does it mean to go offline? Going offline simply means disconnecting from the digitally connected world. It is a return to our roots as human beings. All this technology is great, and empowers us in fantastic ways—but it is beneficial for us to consistently practice living without it too.  Let’s explore three of these powerful benefits. 

1. Going offline in the outdoors grounds you in the present moment. 

While it is true that there is actually nowhere that we can exist other than the present moment, the quality of that existence is determined by our awareness. Awareness that we establish by being focused in our action; If you are out in the boonies slashing arm-pit deep champagne shots on your tele planks, you’re never thinking about what your ex-girlfriend just posted on Instagram—and you’re damn sure of that! Rather, you are whole-heartedly rooted in just that experience—your throbbing legs, powder-coated ‘stache and the seemingly endless supply of skiable bliss. This union of the conscious mind and the physical environment (your body is part of the environment, right?) is what we call “presence.

2. Going offline is a return to your primal nature. 

Human beings have spent an incredible amount of time in the outdoors without the advent of modern technology. Humans experienced a deep intimacy with our mother earth because of this. As stated above, being aware of the present moment allows one to experience the outdoors in a very real way. Nothing else in the world matters except exactly what you are doing and experiencing in that moment (and don’t forget that life is composed of an infinite number of moments strung together in succession). This sense of presence is how our ancestors experienced the great outdoors, and connected with Spirit. It’s an intimacy that we can still enjoy today, and a state of being we can return to whenever we wish—by going offline. Your senses will become more keen, and instead of looking for the next ‘perfect selfie backdrop’ or thinking of the best ‘caption’ you might actually see a wild animal or mating dragonflies (it’s pretty spectacular and easy to miss).  

3. Going offline is natural stress relief—a personal reset.  

Admittedly, it is easy to get caught up in the dramas of day-to-day life. Thankfully, it is just as easy to leave the dramas behind when you head into the outdoors and get offline. While it is true that the dramas exist in your mind and stick around because of your attachment, they will gently fade away from your consciousness when you’re in the outdoors. The human condition is subjective to our perspective. By going into the outdoors and rooting yourself in the present moment and returning to your primal nature, you will naturally find yourself in a state of gentle calmness, where the dramas of life pale in comparison to our cosmic nature. Can I get a prescription for that!?

Of course, these are not the only benefits to going offline in the outdoors. The benefits are most likely endless.  Which is another benefit! We’d love to hear why you love going offline!


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